LG Innotek Claims Wireless Charger Works As Fast As Wired Charger

When it comes to juicing up your modern day smartphones, most of us would rely on two things – the standard issue charger that comes with each handset purchase, as well as a powerbank that comes in handy whenever you need to power up your device but have not a single power outlet in sight. Wireless charging has not quite become the norm just yet (although it might be with the rumored 2017 iPhone model to sport such a feature), but this does not mean that the likes of LG Innotek has no say in the matter – laying claim that their wireless charger will be able to charge a handset as fast as a regular, wired charger.

LG Innotek has announced its 15-watt transmission modules that have been specially developed for smartphone wireless charging, and has tipped for it to be mass produced sometime later this year. Meant to deliver the same amount of electric power that is sent by traditional wired chargers, it will definitely shorten charging times. At 15W, their charging speed is said to be up to three times faster than current 5W modules.

LG also claims that this particular module is compatible with most of the smartphones which support wireless charging, in addition to chargers that have already been installed in electric vehicles as well as household or office environments. The Korean company touts that they have supplied receiving modules to global smartphone manufacturers like LG Electronics, Motorola, and Kyocera to date.