Potato-Powered Security Device Is Unique

If you have some spare potatoes in your home, you might want to think about using them to be more than just food or your main source of carbohydrates. Rather, you might actually want to look into securing your home with smart sensors, and to have these smart sensors be powered by potatoes.

This is what Globio has come up with, and since their smart security sensors happen to be so low on energy consumption, they can actually run off a potato in a more modern update of the classic science experiment. Such smart security sensors can then get to work to monitor the likes of movement, magnetic fields, vibrations, temperature, air pressure or humidity, before triggering an alarm as and when the need arises.

The very first PPSD, or Potato Powered Security Device as it is better known, will allow saltwater or a cooked potato to deliver 0,2 mW of electrical energy – which happens to be 10 times the amount the most economical globio would consume. Now that is darned economical, and when you take into consideration that the sensors run on conventional batteries too, achieving operating times from one up to seven years depending on the individual tasks, this is all the more impressive.